Yamanashi taps alibaba to sell jewelry online

Oct 09, 2019

Yamanashi taps alibaba to sell jewelry online

Tokyo (Japan) Oct 09: Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan's leading jewelry-making region, is turning to e-commerce giant Alibaba to boost sales in China.
Yamanashi jewelers and a local bank have teamed up to promote the crafts to Chinese consumers using online infomercials.
Yamanashi Chuo Bank will support the setting up of a studio in Kofu city, the prefecture's capital.
The plan is to start live broadcasts in Chinese from November.
Yamanashi became Japan's top shipper of jewelry by value in 1988. But the value of its sales fell to 223 million dollars in 2017, about a quarter of the peak set in 1990.
Most of the drop was caused by weak domestic demand.
The region's jewelry artisans hope the deal with Alibaba will help reverse the decline.
Source: NHK World