US warns of sanctions over Hong Kong security law

May 25, 2020

US warns of sanctions over Hong Kong security law

Washington DC (USA), May 25: A senior White House official has warned that the United States could enforce sanctions on China if Beijing imposes national security legislation on Hong Kong.
National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien made the remark to reporters on Sunday.
The legislation that the Chinese authorities proposed at the National People's Congress last week would allow the mainland to play a key role in creating a national security law for Hong Kong. The proposed law would also allow China to crack down on acts promoting secession.
O'Brien said that if Beijing establishes the legislation, it will be hard to certify that Hong Kong maintains a high degree of autonomy. He added if that happens, there will be sanctions and other measures.
China's Xinhua News Agency carried a commentary on the issue.
It said that Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, and foreign nations cannot interfere in its internal affairs. It added that some Western countries and politicians are repeating old slanderous claims against China.
Demonstrators in Hong Kong took to the streets on Sunday to protest Beijing's plan to impose the legislation on the territory. Police say they arrested at least 180 people.
Source: NHK World