Typhoon Hagibis to approach Japan over the weekend

Oct 09, 2019

Typhoon Hagibis to approach Japan over the weekend

Tokyo (Japan) Oct 09: The Meteorological Agency says a large and violent typhoon packing winds of nearly 200 kilometers an hour will approach Japan's mainland over the weekend.
Weather officials are warning of storms and heavy rains in wide areas of the country and calling on people to pay close attention to weather information and take necessary measures.
The agency says Typhoon Hagibis is heading northwest near the Ogasawara islands, south of Japan's mainland, at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour as of noon on Wednesday.
It says the atmospheric pressure at the center of the typhoon is extremely low at 915 hectopascals, which indicates violent winds.
The maximum gusts near its center is estimated to reach 270 kilometers per hour.
Winds faster than 90 kilometers per hour are observed within its 240-kilometer-radius storm zone.
The agency forecasts that the typhoon could come very close to western and eastern Japan before moving toward northern Japan on Saturday through Sunday.
Agency officials say that because of the typhoon's large size, wide areas across Japan could be heavily affected starting Saturday. They call on people, including those in Chiba Prefecture, which suffered damage in a previous typhoon, to take preventive measures quickly.
Source: NHK World