Thai protesters rally outside military base

Nov 30, 2020

Thai protesters rally outside military base

Tokyo (Japan), November 30: Anti-government protesters in Thailand, who are calling for the reform of the monarchy, have marched to the base of a military unit that takes its orders directly from the King.
The rally took place on Sunday just outside the base of the 11th Infantry Regiment in the capital, Bangkok. Police say about 2,000 people took part.
King Maha Vajiralongkorn assumed control over the regiment when it was removed from the army's chain of command in October last year.
Protest leaders say the arrangement violates popular sovereignty as armed forces should report to the government chosen by the people. They say the regiment must be accountable only to the people.
Protesters have been increasingly angry since the parliament rejected a proposed constitutional amendment to reform the monarchy.
They are stepping up their calls for comprehensive reforms of how the monarchy manages its assets, and its relationship with the military.
The government appears ready to thoroughly crack down on the protesters by applying the law that bans insults of royal family members.
A 16-year-old demonstrator said he wants the monarchy to be reformed as actions of the King and other royals should be transparent and open to criticism.
Protesters are also demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, who led a military coup six years ago.
Source: NHK World