Pranit Shilimkar reorients more than 5000 lives during the COVID crisis

Apr 07, 2021

Pranit Shilimkar reorients more than 5000 lives during the COVID crisis

New Delhi [India], April 7 (ANI/ThePRTree): Celebrity trainer, Pranit Shilimkar, transformed more than five thousand lives during the COVID-19 lockdown by following a meticulous fitness regime. Maintaining a positive perspective during the demanding year of 2020, Pranit occupied a front-runner position in guiding people towards immunity-boosting through his 'FitnessTalks.'
Difficult situations are opportunities to test resilience and courage. 2020 was one such situation that required a lot of effort, patience and a caring attitude towards health to power through. Pranit Shilimkar, is one such individual who made sure that his fitness and nutrition regimes wouldn't be compromised and even motivated to do others the same.
Discovering that he too can change and transform lives through his ways of fitness, his team and he pushed boundaries and helped people take control of their health. Despite being confined to working from homes, they did not stop. With the help of technology, they ensured that people who needed guidance and mentorship got it at the earliest. It was going to be a long and strenuous journey but they never stopped at any kind of hurdle. It cannot be emphasised how many times the team failed and almost gave up, but stood up again and started from scratch.
Mental and physical health were key concerns, along with building immunity. Locked up in a few hundred square feet apartments with negligible or basic equipment, all had to make sure that fitness and nutrition regimes wouldn't be compromised. They encouraged people to make do with what was at hand and fortunately, people saw the commitment and passion working magic. It stopped being a business-client relationship and turned into a family.
Pranit Shilimkar talking about his journey said, "I'm proud to say that we changed the lifestyles of 5000+ people in a single year. 5000+ people who are living a better, healthier, and relatively stress-free life. Sometimes, people just need someone to believe in them and we showed them that we believe in them." Slowly and steadily, people started seeing results, and their trust in Pranit grew. The world is a huge place and he believes that through passion and sincerity, all can leave a positive impact and he wants to do it through fitness and motivation.
Having said that, this success is a collaborative effort of the client's dedication and the team's motivation. Maintaining and following a regular routine is what keeps one going in the long run making every difficult situation easy.
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