More than 7,000 Fijian pensioners receive COVID-19 assistance

May 26, 2020

More than 7,000 Fijian pensioners receive COVID-19 assistance

Seoul (South Korea), May 26: More than 7,000 Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) pensioners received a COVID-19 relief payment on Tuesday.
FNPF Chief Executive Officer Jaoji Koroi said the payment, which ranges from 300 Fjian dollars (about 134 U.S. dollars) to 900 Fijian dollars (about 402 U.S. dollars), was disbursed directly to the fund's active pensioners.
Pensioners, who have received a pension payment up to May 1, 2020, will have their COVID-19 relief paid directly to their bank account or by pension order.
The fund was able to provide the one-off payment to pensioners following amendments to the FNPF Act, Koroi said, adding that these amendments have allowed the fund to distribute surpluses in the Retirement Income Fund to eligible pensioners.
He said the fund is now in a strong position to consider specific benefit improvements for pensioners.
Koroi said pensioners are a high risk group that are vulnerable to COVID-19 and should not be expected to leave their homes during these times.
Fiji reported its first confirmed COVID-19 case on March 19 and so far there are three positive cases in the country.
Source: Xinhua News Agency