Japan to spend $1.2 bil. to help disaster victims

Nov 08, 2019

Japan to spend $1.2 bil. to help disaster victims

Tokyo (Japan) Nov 8: Japan's government has decided to spend 1.2 billion dollars to help people affected by recent disasters such as Typhoon Hagibis. The money will come from a discretionary fund in the budget for the current fiscal year.
People whose homes were damaged can get up to 27,000 dollars per household. A total of 460 million dollars will be allocated to small and medium-sized businesses that were hit.
140 million dollars will go to farmers, forestry and fishery workers. The money will be used to repair or replace equipment and livestock facilities.
Another 26 million dollars will go toward helping tourism recover.
Many people canceled travel plans and accommodations in places where the disasters struck. The plan includes subsidies for accommodations of up to 46 dollars per night.
Source: NHK World