Japan minister vows support on ventilators, drugs

Mar 30, 2020

Japan minister vows support on ventilators, drugs

Tokyo (Japan), Mar 30: Japan's Economic Revitalization Minister has promised all-out government support for producing medical equipment and developing drugs for patients infected by the new coronavirus.
Nishimura Yasutoshi is in charge of a new law enacted to fight the outbreak.
He visited the National Center for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo on Sunday.
The facility treats patients with infectious diseases and develops drugs for treating them. Nishimura inspected ventilators. He was also shown a device called ECMO which temporarily takes over lung functions and helps pump oxygen into the blood while the immune system fights pathogens.
Nishimura said, "We've secured about 4,000 of these machines. But we'll continue to coordinate so that production is ramped up. This is important to minimize the number of seriously ill patients, and most of all, the death toll."
Nishimura mentioned an international clinical trial using a drug developed for treating Ebola.
He said the government will also accelerate its support, with the top priority on research and drug development.
Source: NHK World