Global coronavirus cases top 5.3 million

May 25, 2020

Global coronavirus cases top 5.3 million

Tokyo (Japan), May 25: Data compiled by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States shows the number of confirmed coronavirus infections has topped 5.3 million worldwide.
The total number of cases had reached 5,360,841 as of 18:00 UTC on Sunday.
The United States has the world's largest number of cases at 1,632,721; followed by Brazil at 347,398; Russia at 344,481; Britain at 260,916; Spain at 235,772; and Italy at 229,858.
The total global death toll stands at 343,364.
The US has recorded the most fatalities at 97,424; followed by Britain at 36,875; Italy at 32,785; Spain at 28,752; France at 28,219; and Brazil at 22,013.
Source: NHK World