Film Industry Has Been Ignored for Many Years: Actors

Nov 19, 2020

Film Industry Has Been Ignored for Many Years: Actors

Kabul (Afghanistan) November 19: As the Herat International Women's Film Festival gets underway, a number of actors on Wednesday said the film industry in the country has been ignored by the government over the last two decades and its crucial role to influence society has not been recognized so far.
The actors said the perception that all disputed issues will be resolved on the peace table is "wrong." They said government leaders have been indulged in politics rather than paying attention to reviving the country's film industry by helping actors.
"There isn't any platform to address to change public mindset or improve cultural diversity through the film industry," said Masooma Ibrahimi, a filmmaker. "But in Iran, cinema has got two parts, the first part is the state-run film industry, and the second part is the private film industry."
"We can find it out in the hearts of the stories, romans and films that intolerance, lack of understanding and feeling each other could remove violence. Of course, violence will have implications and it devastates social foundations of a society," said Nargis Abyar, an Iranian filmmaker.
Seventy-three films have been selected for the Sixth Herat International Women's Film Festival in Kabul.
"We came here today to watch a film with our friends. This is a good festival. These films help us to know more about the efforts of the women," said Tamanna Sadat, a Kabul resident.
"If the Afghan women come here and watch these films, they will realize that they are not the only portion of society who are coping with problems and challenges," said Maryam Kakar, a university lecturer.
The Herat International Women's Film Festival is an iconic and the most prestigious Women's Film Festival in the region. It was established by Roya Film House and Armanshahr Foundation/OPEN ASIA in 2013.
Source: TOLO News