European nations condemn N.Korea's SLBM launch

Oct 09, 2019

European nations condemn N.Korea's SLBM launch

Tokyo (Japan) Oct 09: Six European nations have jointly condemned North Korea for test-firing a submarine-launched ballistic missile last week.
The envoys of France, Germany and four other countries issued a statement on Tuesday after the UN Security Council discussed the test in a closed-door meeting.
The missile fell inside Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone.
France's UN ambassador, Nicolas de Riviere, read out the statement that says the test "follows a series of short-range ballistic missile launches in the past week" and the envoys reiterate their "condemnation of these provocative actions."
De Riviere said the actions "undermine regional security and stability and they are in clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions." He called for international sanctions to "remain in place and be fully and strictly enforced," and urged North Korea "to engage in good faith in meaningful negotiations with the United States."
Council sources say some of the participants at the meeting expressed hope that North Korea and the US will resume working-level talks following the latest round last Saturday.
The council members were unable to take a unified stance after a similar failure to do so in August.
China and Russia are willing to ease the sanctions, while the US puts priority on making progress in the working-level talks.
Source: NHK World