China stresses crackdown on fentanyl smuggling

Nov 08, 2019

China stresses crackdown on fentanyl smuggling

Tokyo (Japan) Nov 8: The Chinese government is stressing its efforts to crack down on smugglers of fentanyl, a pain medication that has become a serious problem in the United States.
The state-run China Central Television said on Thursday that a Chinese court handed down sentences for nine people charged with illegally manufacturing and selling the drug. They include one death sentence suspended for two years and life in prison and lesser sentences for the others.
It is believed that about 70,000 people die annually in the US from overdosing on drugs including fentanyl.
US President Donald Trump has criticized China for failing to stop illegal drug shipments to the US, and has called on Chinese President Xi Jinping to step up countermeasures.
After the sentences were announced, a senior Chinese official told reporters that the accused had been smuggling fentanyl to the US, adding that Chinese authorities had acted on information provided by a US government body in China in 2017.
He also said the Chinese authorities will steadily implement an agreement reached at a bilateral summit, and continue to work to prevent fentanyl smuggling.
The move is believed to be an attempt by Beijing to stress to the United States its cooperative stance, as trade negotiations between the countries reach a critical phase.
Source: NHK World