Bringing a dual citizen to power is a great danger to sovereignty of the country- Ruwan

Oct 23, 2020

Bringing a dual citizen to power is a great danger to sovereignty of the country- Ruwan

Colombo (Sri Lanka), Oct 23: The Deputy Leader of the United National Party Ruwan Wijewardene says that the modern Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa is preparing to cut off the head of the country's democracy and give it to Gotabhaya Malli as King Siri Sangabo gave his head to Gotabhaya Malli during the Anuradhapura era.
Pointing out that there is no democracy is active in the current parliament, former state minister said the UNP with the people is ready to take the fight to the street against the 20th Amendment, which gives parliamentary power to an individual.
Mr. Wijewardene stressed that government MPs should act in accordance with their conscience, not in defense of their parliamentary or ministerial posts, but in the interest of democracy in the country and added that a constitutional amendment should not have been rushed at a time when the corona epidemic has spread across the country.
Mr. Ruwan Wijewardene made these observations at a media briefing held at the Sirikotha party headquarters yesterday (22).
Mr. Wijewardene says the President has said that the clause on dual citizenship will be removed in a new constitution and it is ridiculous to bring an amendment for such a short period of time.
The former State Minister of Defense also said that bringing to power a dual citizen who had promised to uphold the rule of law in another country is a great danger to the sovereignty of the country.
Mr. Wijewardene added that it would be wise for the ministers and MPs in this government to remember the fate of Hitler's closest allies who were intoxicated with nationalism and brought him to power in 1933.
Source: Colombo Page