Afghan Film Releases Poster of Lajaward Film Festival

Nov 06, 2020

Afghan Film Releases Poster of Lajaward Film Festival

Kabul (Afghanistan) November 06: The Afghan Film Directorate of the Ministry of Information and Culture on Thursday released the poster of Lajward National Film Festival. The poster depicts Afghan female cinema artist Mahal Wak in which she is carrying a basket of films on her head.
The festival will be held on November 21 to to November 30.
Among the 200 films submitted to the festival by the Afghan and foreign filmmakers, 55 movies were selected to compete in the festival.
Afghan Film was established half a century ago, but this is the first time that the entity is releasing the poster for a festival.
"Holding festivals is quite important for the improvement of cinema," said Afghan actor Assad Sikandar.
"I am really proud to be featured on this poster," said Mahal Wak, Afghan actress.
The chairperson of Afghan Film, Sahra Karimi, said the purpose of the festival is to protect the rights of the Afghan women in the peace process.
"We spread this beauty in posters, on billboards and stickers all over the city. Those who are Taliban, those who have Taliban ideology and those who want to join the Taliban should see that today's women in Afghanistan are not the women 20 years back," said Karimi.
Although a large part of the financial needs of the festival will be paid by private companies, but the Ministry of Information and Culture has contributed 250,000 Afghanis.
"We have included movies made by Afghan filmmakers from all over the world," said Mariam Jahanbin, festival organizer.
Selected movies for the festival will go on screen in 15 places in Kabul.
The statue of this festival is decorated with azure and gold.
Source: TOLO News